Due to the merger of G&C Mutual Bank and Quay Credit Union, our bank account details have changed. The surviving bank is G&C Mutual Bank. Our new details are:
Account name: Jalandoni Money Changer Pty Ltd; BSB 659000; Account no. 300038747. Please change your records immediately. 29/9/2017

About Jalandoni and Company

Jalandoni and Company ensures that your hard-earned money reaches the hands of your loved ones securely. Through the years, we have gained the confidence of the Filipino communities in Australia and the United States through efficient money transfer transactionsmaking us one of the leading foreign exchange businesses today.

The Founders

Armed with dedication and hardwork, husband and wife Tony and Mila Jalandoni founded Jalandoni and Company in October of 1993.

Tony Jalandoni, the recognized father of the company, was an employee of Citibank for nearly two decades. Starting out as a trainee, his commitment and values towards work paid him promotions as Treasurer of Citibank Manila, and later, Treasurer of Citibank Australia.

After 17 years of employment, Tony decided to start his business in foreign exchange. With 5 years of experience as a foreign exchange specialist for Australia’s famous media tycoon, Kerry Packer, Mr. Jalandoni decided to venture into “the most liquid financial market in the world.”

Mrs. Mila Jalandoni is an established entrepreneur in her own right. Seeing Tony’s foreign exchange venture as a risky gamble, Mila invests Tony’s revenues in real estate. As lifetime business partners, the couple works hand in hand and makes the money grow even more and the company even stronger.

How the Company Started

When the couple got transferred to Australia, relatives constantly asked for their help in sending money to Bataan, Philippines – Mila’s hometown. With Tony’s extensive knowledge in banking and money transactions, they were able to help their relatives transfer money from Australia to the Philippines effortlessly. Soon friends also started asking for their help. News spread through word of mouth and before long Tony and Mila were approached by more and more people in Australia. The couple then decided to enter into the money transfer business. Thus, Jalandoni and Company was established.

Today, we are one of the most trusted money transfer companies by Filipinos all over the globe. With our main office in Sydney, Australia, a successful branch in the US and a thriving office in the Philippines, we are constantly growing and becoming a global leader in the money transfer business.

We promise that with Jalandoni and Company, the fruits of your hardwork are in safe hands. We guarantee a safe and efficient money transfer transaction every time. At Jalandoni and Company, we value trust and we treasure relationships.